Right, that’s it…

…I’m never getting the C11 bus anymore. Quite apart from the fact that tonight’s driver called me ‘Wheelchair’, as in “Wheelchair, where do you want to get off?” (and to think I used to be an actual person)*, the ramp was so steep that I couldn’t even begin to get up it. It took three large men pushing and pulling to get me up the ramp and over that dreadful ‘lip’ that caused me a backwards fall and a head injury a few months ago. But Metroline say their buses are accessible, so that’s OK then…

I have Ash Wednesday thoughts, but they are serious and do not go well with the rant. Tomorrow. 

Today was long and somewhat confusing. I like Thursdays. No working.

*Witty comebacks to this would be much appreciated. I couldn’t think of anything good, so I just mumbled my destination and hoped not too many people were staring at me after the whole ramp debacle.


4 responses to “Right, that’s it…

  1. That’s unacceptable in a way it deserves a formal complaint (if you have the energy) Funnily enough I was referred to as ‘the wheelchairs’ by a stewardess on a BA flight some years back, well, all those needing assistance were. I complained, BA were predictably appalling in their response. I’m still waiting for their apology bouquet of flowers. Hope today is better. BG x

  2. Comebacks:“Any time I see Angelina Jolie”“Probably tonight after the bath with a vibrator…oh, were you asking where I was going?”“Language Impaired Biped, I wish you to drive Vehicle with four wheels to place I will tell you: prepare for data….”“Actually, I prefer the term ‘poor cripple'”“Tomorrow I’ll be in this wheelchair, but tonight you’ll be having sex with your cousin…no wait, that didn’t come out right….damn you Churchill”

  3. BG: Oh, I complain. TfL know me well – I have at least ten complaints logged with them, all within the past year that I’ve been using a wheelchair. They do nothing but send back a standard letter now. Blah.Elizabeth: OK, those are some of the best laughs I’ve had all week…<>“Language Impaired Biped, I wish you to drive Vehicle with four wheels to place I will tell you: prepare for data….”<>Awesome! You realise I may actually *use* a variation on that, don’t you? 😀

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