Angry And Ecstatic At Once. It Can’t Be Normal

Day 8 of this post-a-day malarkey.

So I get in from work today to find that, once again, my path to the gate that gives me level access to my flat is BLOCKED by an old Christmas tree (one of several in the side alley, actually, but at least the others are out of the way). This has happened about four times in the six months I’ve lived here, despite repeated letters to other residents of the building pleading with them to keep their rubbish away from the gate, and despite the Council putting up a ‘Do not leave rubbish here’ type sign. I wrote a letter pointing out my I can’t leave the house predicament, copied it five times and got PA to drop it into the other five flats in the building. And what should I get half an hour later but a knock on the door with a COMPLAINT from a neighbour who is offended that I should think it’s her (get this) because she doesn’t celebrate Christmas. I tried to point out that the fact that I can’t leave the house is a bit more important. She wasn’t persuaded. OK then.

And in better news:


In September I will start my (second) MA. And this time it’s in something I really, really, really want to study. I didn’t around to opening my post until an hour after I got home, what with the ranting over the Christmas tree and the writing of letters. The first thing I did was *glee!* about it in the general direction of my flatmate. Then I did the same with my PA. Then I called The Girl – in Russia – to do the same to her. Heh.

The best thing about this? I don’t have to go back to my job after July. That shouldn’t be the best thing, but it really is.

So now I get to start sorting things out – applying for Disabled Students’ Allowance; talking to the Occupational Therapist (in the hope that I can get an OT report so that the uni gives me an adapted room – fully accessible accommodation! what joy!!); talking to the Council (they may have to change my Direct Payments hours when I’m living alone for half the week); getting a dyspraxia assessment… Ah, many forms. That’s what I live for. Oh, and I should probably read up on sociology, about which I know practically nothing. That’s a good foundation for an Master’s degree, isn’t it?


11 responses to “Angry And Ecstatic At Once. It Can’t Be Normal

  1. You got in! Awesome!Have you got funding? If so, from where?And how soon after you sent in your application did you get your reply? I’m filling in the forms at the moment, aiming to send them off within the next few days if possible…(will blog about my meeting with Colin Barnes soon…)

  2. Shiva: No, I haven’t even attempted to get funding. I won’t be trying. I have no relevant academic background for attempting to get a scholarship (you, on the other hand, would be in with a good chance), and there doesn’t seem to be any other kind of funding out there… I heard very quickly – within a week of sending in my references and certificates, which I did about two weeks after finishing the application form. They’re efficient! Best of luck with it all. I look forward to hearing about how your discussion with Colin went.Lisy: The solution is simple. Give up eating. Possibly also breathing.

  3. Er… how are you going to do it then, without funding? They won’t let you register when you start the course without proof of ability to pay course fees… :confused:

  4. Shiva: I’m going to spend the savings I used to be keeping for a deposit on a house. (I’ve recently realised I’m never going to make enough money to get a mortgage anyway, thanks to the way society is set up. Don’t get me started…) I don’t have much, but it’s *just* about enough to cover course fees. I’m going to have to be very creative about money to live on and pay rent, which I do not currently have. I’ll be plotting about that over the next few months. Then I might starve. We’ll see!

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