Highlights Of My Week So Far

– I have a new amplified TV aerial, which means that, despite the very weird complete lack of signal (TV or radio) I usually get in the room where I have the second telly, I’m now getting five channels in there. I am currently watching Newsnight from bed. How exciting.

– I have discovered that, not only does BBC Three show Torchwood two days early, it also puts it on the iPlayer the same day. Far too exciting. This week’s episode was grand. Loving that, and also Ashes to Ashes (even though, as I was saying to Lisy today, it doesn’t have the ambiguity that made Life on Mars so interesting).

– I have a dyspraxia assessment lined up for the weekend after next. This could be really good or really bad. Technically, my EDS diagnosis may preclude me from getting a diagnosis (for rather silly reasons relating the fact that medical types haven’t done enough research into these impairments, and the connections between them, yet). Which won’t change the fact that it’s been clear I’m dyspraxic since forever, that I was given an informal dx years ago by an Ed Psych, that I’m really quite proud of myself for the coping strategies I’ve developed with little or no guidance, and that I’m starting to understand my own brain and the way it works to a degree that I find very useful. But having a proper diagnosis would help a lot. Not least with DSA. Well, we shall see how it goes.

– I am mastering the driving, at least around the local area. By ‘mastering’ I of course mean ‘attempting to go five minutes down the road, ending up in the middle of the Congestion Zone going ever further west on a major road through central London, ringing The Girl (in Moscow), shrieking at her down the phone, and demanding directions back to where I wanted to go – since she, rather ironically, had an A to Z there with her and I didn’t have one in the bloody car in the middle of bloody London’. But later in the day I went back in the same direction and successfully negotiated the Local One-Way System of Doom, getting to where I wanted to go and even arriving (almost) on time. And I haven’t hit any lamp posts. Yet. So that’s all good. Except that getting the wheelchair out of the car is not good for my back or shoulders. Hmm.

– I got a bag of nice new work clothes from Freecycle.

– I’m thinking about institutional disablism, and to what extent I’m willing to take a stand against it. Especially when no one would notice the very tiny stand that’s all I can take. But that’s hardly the point. The Principle Is The Thing.

– I chickened out of today’s pain clinic appointment. This is good because I would have lost the plot entirely if I’d had to go alone. This is bad because the next appointment they could offer me is in the last week of July. I’m still laughing. It’s all fodder to use against the GP in my demands for what I want. Go me, with the plotting and the being of evil. Even if only by accident.

This has been a possibly-quite-dull attempt to keep my posting levels up to *nearly* daily. Even if not quite.

TG minus three days


4 responses to “Highlights Of My Week So Far

  1. Ahhh, you get torchwood live? Is Ashes to Ashes the Life on Mars prequel? I’ve seen Life on Mars on DVD from amazon.uk. As for your dyspraxia, I am trying to understand WHY a EDS (muscle joint) condition would preclude you getting a diagnoses for dyspraxia? Is there like a 2 impairment maximum limit or the like?I like your discriptions of driving, particularly calling The Girl in Moscow to get directions which remind me of how I pull Linda out of meetings to find out where she had hidden my bras (hey, when she goes on a cleaning binge who KNOWS where anything is). As for driving in London – yikes!

  2. One-way streets suck. Period. In the states the parking lots are often riddled with medians, those concrete-rimmed islands of pathetic plant life. It seems like where-ever I want to be is on the other side of some damn median, and I have to drive all over the car park before I can get where I actually want to be.andrea

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