I’ll be hosting February’s Disability Blog Carnival on the 25th. If you don’t know what the Disability Blog Carnival is all about, you can see some examples of past editions here, here and here. It’s a round-up and celebration of the best of the month’s disability blogging, grouped around a theme. This month’s (optional) theme is Participation. What do you participate in, and how? Whether you take the theme to refer to hobbies, fun activities, or just the smaller things in life that are still important to us, I think talking about our participation in life and society is increasingly important in this world of cuts and limitations. In a society where we’re regularly accused of wasting the ‘taxpayer’s’ money, let’s celebrate the fact that we do frivolous things! To give you an idea, the topic was inspired by a suggestion by Lisy Babe, with whom I share an interest in cult TV, that people might want to write about participation in fandom.

It would be great if you could get your blog posts to me by 20th Feb, to give me time to work on the round-up post – I’m a slow blogger! If you have a last-minute burst of inspiration, though, I’ll do my best to fit it in later. Either link to your entry in a comment on this post, or e-mail me with the link at lilwatchergirl (at) gmail (dot) com.

Enjoy participating in the month’s blog carnival!


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  1. Hi

    I'm glad to see you doing this carnival.

    We exchanged experiences a few months back about the Guardian and its moderators on Comment is Free.

    I have garnered up some support from Rethink and Time to Change. My Prsss Complaints Commission case should be heard in the next few weeks. I don't think I'll win but I think I have made a point and I've drawn attention to the problem of abuse against people with disabilities on these media forums.

    If you want to know more about the behind-the-scenes moves drop me a line. You can DM me on Twitter @beatricejbray

    Out of all this I seem to be unearthing an issue revolving around free speech and disablity. I've been asked to write a feature for an ethics journal plus a number of another blogs on the media. I've just come out of hospital so I haven't had time to knock up a proposal but would you be intersted in hearing more?

    All the best


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