That Which Has Changed

Well, here I am. Shiny new blog. I’ve copied a lot of my old posts since 2008 over from the old blog (not all of them, because writing from more than 3 years ago can be very embarrassing). It’s strange, reading through them. So much has changed, and yet so much has stayed the same, when it comes to disability rights. The old blog will stay up, including the earlier posts.

If you don’t know (or remember) me: hello. I used to be ‘lilwatchergirl’ – these days I’m just Naomi J. I was once a prolific disability blogger, over at the original Through Myself and Back Again (and very occasionally at Where’s the Benefit). It’s been about three years since I blogged about disability stuff, and more since I was posting regularly. And, dude, it’s been quite a three (or four) years.

– I got married to the person who was once known as ‘The Girl’ (um, not my best choice of nickname, it turns out), who will henceforth just be known as SJ. Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary. Best three years of my life so far. May we have many more, and all that.

– I started a PhD, bought a house, moved to Nottingham and acquired three cats.

– And then we moved back to north London.

– The PhD began at one university and has moved to another, and now is distance learning anyway. It was full time, then it was part time (which was a great improvement). It continues. Doing a PhD as a disabled student is hellish. I will no doubt have much more to say about that soon. I adore the research I’m doing, and communicating it, though! See my academic blog for more. (Though I need to start updating that one occasionally, too.)

– I was diagnosed with Asperger’s, and the whole puzzle of my life fell into place. And it only took 35 years. Now I’m learning better ways to manage it (and manage society), which will no doubt come up here.

– I abandoned the wheelchair that I never really knew how to use, and now I drive the world’s nippiest, lightest scooter, and have massively improved mobility as a result. It folds up, and has an eternal battery life, and we’ve already put it in a bag and taken it on a plane. Susan the Walker is still around, too. (Scooter has no name yet. All suggestions considered. Mobility aids get fandom names.)

– I gained two more nieces.

– My religious/spiritual context has… changed, over the past 3 to 4 years. It’s changed a lot. I blog about spiritual stuff somewhere else, but the subject might collide with this blog occasionally.

– No less than seven years after first starting to learn Hebrew, I’m at the stage where I can have a reasonably passable conversation if the other person speaks slowly and clearly and the topic is food or public transport. “Le singe est disparu…”

SJ minus eight hours. (Why, yes, SJ still goes away all the time, leaving me to count the days till their return. Are you surprised? 😛 )


One response to “That Which Has Changed

  1. I loved reading your blog post and have now followed your profile so I can read more. Now that I’ve finished my degree I’m looking back at my three years. There is not much I would change about my time at University, but there are a few things that I wish I knew before I began. Here’s my blog post about how to prepare for university and enjoy every minute once you’re there. I’d love it if you could check out my post and follow my blog?

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