Naomi Catherine J. Feel free to call me Nay. PhD researcher and sociologist – disability studies, biblical studies and sociology of religion.

I used to be known as lilwatchergirl, under which name I wrote at the old incarnation of this blog, and I also did a fair bit of activism back then. Then I started the PhD, and my anxiety about doing anything else meant that disability campaigning/writing had to take a back seat for a while.

I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which affects my mobility to varying degrees, and fibromyalgia, and Asperger’s Syndrome (late diagnosed), plus dyspraxia and mental health problems. But, really, I think any disabled person with any impairments would struggle to manage a PhD. Not because of the workload or the level of study, but because of the institutional discrimination and normative cultures involved, which make it very challenging indeed. I decided it was time I started writing about that again. Along with my day-to-day experiences of discrimination, the normalcy paradigm, and generally crappy attitudes. Additionally, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s only about a year ago, and I’m learning how to cope better with that – which is an ongoing project.

My other interests (on the rare occasions when I get spare time) include getting out into the countryside, theology and religions, disability and neurodiversity campaigning/education, and glasses of wine in sunny London pub gardens. I am married to Shai and we have three cats. Here, have some pictures of them.


Dilly. 16 and Moody.

Milo. Also moody.

Milo. Also moody.


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